"Oh I don't think so"

Whisper "Maria"


Biographical information
Spartan Tag S316
Birth dateUnknown
Death date2552 Resurrection= 2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
BattlesFall of Reach

Whisper is a Support and Sniper specialist recruited into Spartan Dispatch Unit Kilo using her marksmanship and recon skills in aid of her team.[1] She is portrayed by Olliban.[2]


Whisper is the voice of reason in Dispatch Unit Kilo and has been a long time friend and squadmate of her fellow first generation Spartan Ocelot. Maria is the smart and caring member of her squad and her level head and steady aim has saved the team's skins on many occassions. Relied on both physically and mentally by her squad, she balances both her deadly skill and her good judgment to decide what is best for her squad, especially with the hot heads like Swift, Ocelot and Brass charging in guns blazing.

Whisper has been shown to be cool and collected at all times and the only time where she was unable too act or think was when she was confronted by Ryan's affection, leading to her to become flustered. A similar scenario took place when she had to make a speech at the party on the island during Part 5.


During a battle she volunteered to stay behind, feeling responsible for Brass's death. She killed as many elites as she could, but then was killed by a large squad of elites.

Appearance Edit

  • Helmet: Recon UA/HUL[3]
  • Right Shoulder: Jump Jet
  • Left Shoulder: Recon
  • Chest: Default
  • Wrist: Default
  • Utility: Default
  • Visor Color: Silver
  • Knee Guards: FJ/PARA


  • Primary: Violet
  • Secondary: Gold



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